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Become Unforgettable

The secret to attracting an avalanche of clients is knowing what makes you uncommon is what makes you unforgettable.....

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I'm Melissa

I can help you become unforgettable!

Four years ago, I was stuck. Struggling in my life, my relationships and trying desperately to silence the fire in my soul that told me I was meant for more.


According to the societal playbook, I was killing it- doing all the things I was supposed to do…. Ticking the boxes of what we should want in a life and a career.


I was desperate, defeated and dying inside.


But I had a mentor that saw through my façade. She saw my gifts. She saw my potential. She also saw my imposter syndrome.


The truth is from an early age we are all taught humility, to be humble and to fit in….. at any cost.


What I went on to learn is that humble can be the unconscious process of numbing what makes you shine.


When you numb your gifts, you rob the world of what makes you exceptional.


When I uncovered my unique advantages, and learned to feed them instead of apologizing for them, my income skyrocketed, my confidence soared, and my life became virtually unrecognizable.


I began to effortlessly attract ideal clients that were eager to pay me for my time, my value, and my distinct offer.


Uncovering and then leaning into the personal qualities that were uniquely mine became the rocket fuel that made me stand out, be heard, and become unforgettable in places I had formerly been overlooked.


I realized that my success was replicable, I began coaching others to unparalleled success and one by one, my clients began busting through glass ceilings, reframing limiting beliefs and making the impact and income they deserved.


Combined with a proven track record, I utilize a program designed to uncover YOUR unique advantage.


The program is called How to Fascinate™ and is steeped in extensive research and millions of data points and was created to reveal your most compelling gifts, so that you can lean into what makes you fascinating to others.


Harnessing the ability to captivate your clients, your corporate leaders and your colleagues enables you to stand out, be heard and become unforgettable.


It’s your time. I can help.

You Will Learn How To


Understand what already fascinates others about you.


Stop wasting energy on who you aren’t.


Become an undeniable voice of authority in your field.

Thanks for connecting!

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